Fuggler Funny Ugly Monster 22cm Snuggler Edition Oogah Boogah Grey Plush Toy

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Fuggler Funny Ugly Monster 22cm Snuggler Edition Indecisive Monster Grey Blue

This Snuggler Edition Oogah Boogah Funny Ugly Monster is mischievous, misunderstood, and most importantly, up to no good.

The grey monster has confusing mis-matched button eyes and a big pink tongue sticking out of its gruesome, toothy mouth. 
Don’t be fooled by its soft, fuzzy grey coat!

The Snuggler Edition Fugglers have super soft fur but are not to be underestimated! 
Causing even more havoc than usual, 
watch out for these Fugglers by the holographic foil sticker on the pack and be certain that you want to adopt these badly behaved characters.

Each Fuggler is totally unique, why don’t you see if you can collect them all and bring the whole gang together for a totally weird adventure?